ASSESSITE Newly Elected Executives Sworn Into Office

Newly Admitted ASSESS Executives
Newly Elected ASSESS Executives

A momentous occasion unfolded today as the Association of Education and English Students (ASSEESITE) newly elected executives were inaugurated into office in a grand ceremony held at EDB 315.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as the distinguished guests, educators and students gathered to witness the swearing in of these accomplished individuals.

Moreover, the event began with the solemn prayer, the national anthem and the Great Ife anthem, setting the tone for the day’s proceedings.

The Ex-President of ASSESS – OAU, Chris Psalmuel, spoke about the failures of the previous administration by highlighting failures and advising the newly elected to learn from them and make the association better.

Ex-President ASSESS OAU
Ex-President ASSESS OAU

Furthermore, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of the Association, Hon. Sodiq Abiola, led the newly elected officials as they took the oath of office of the association.

OAT taking
Oath taking process

The newly elected President, Tosin Adesokan gave his speech and announced the new association team to be “Invigorator”.

Also, the Faculty of Education President, Adesokan Victor gave a warm advice speech to the new instated administration and sent regards from Dr. Obadiwura.

In attendance were Comrade Majeed Lev, Comrade S&T, Moremi Hall Social Director, Michela Ayeleru, Comrade Deborah, the Chairperson of Akintola Hall of Residence, Comrade Network, President of the Osun State Union OAU chapter (NAOS) and Comrade H.O.D the current President of Arts and Social Science Education (ASE).

As the ceremony concluded, attendees shared their well wishes and hopes for a successful and transformational tenure for these new executives.

Handing Over Process
Handing Over Process




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