SU Meets Authorities Over Students’ E-portal closure


Sug oau Ile-Ife obafemi awolowo university

Student union leaders have met with the school authorities to address the issue of unjust locked e-portal.

In a press release made available to the public by the students’ union, the union’s leaders disclosed that they have met with the appropriate authorities to discuss concerning the “unjust locking of some students’ e-portal.”

According to the press release, the student union met with the necessary authorities concerning the issue, advocating a swift solution for the concerned students. It stated that the authorities have accepted, and will reopen their e-portal on or before August 18.

Consequently, to avoid similar occurrence in the future, the press release states that the students’ union have requested the authorities to establish a panel to tackle any irregularities found on any students’ portal.

The student union however made it clear that if the authorities fail to take action on or before the stipulated timeframe, its members will march to the ICT department to demand for the appropriate actions.


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