ESAN Decides: Newly Elected Executives Assume Office



The Education Students’ Association of Nigeria (ESAN) Electoral Commission swore in the newly elected executives of the Association on Thursday 13th July 2023.

Moreover, the inauguration which was held at the ODLT lecture theatre of the institution, had Adesokan Victor Oluwafemi (VeekhyArt) alongside ESRC & CEC members.

However, the other executive members that were sworn in include Akabudu Abidemi Ijeoma as Vice President; Famogun Emmanuel Erioluwa (Emmicson) as General Secretary; Omisore Michael Oluwabamise(Profmike) as Assistant General Secretary (AGS); Adegoke Adesanmi Akanfe as Public Relations Officer.

Ekundayo Oluwasegun Bukola as Financial Secretary; Afolabi Itunuoluwapo Janet as Director of Socials; Dada Richard (MACHIAVELLI) as Welfare Director; Ibitokun Samuel Adedeji (KONTE) as Treasurer; Ojetayo Emmanuel as Director of Sports.

Some of the dignitaries that were present at the inauguration ceremony are the Vice Dean, Dr Adebowale, and erstwhile HOD of the ASE Department Dr Obadiora.

The President, VeekhyArt, stated his vision in his words “My vision for our faculty is one of collaboration, where every voice is heard and valued. I am committed to promoting open communication channels, encouraging constructive dialogue, and actively seeking feedback from all members of our faculty. By working together, we can address the challenges we face, celebrate our achievements, and continuously improve our educational practices.

ESAN President
ESAN President

“Also, I recognize the importance of professional development and growth. As the faculty representative, I will strive to provide opportunities for continuous learning, whether through workshops, conferences, or networking events. Let us embrace a culture of lifelong learning, where we inspire and empower each other to reach new heights of knowledge and expertise.”





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