Faculty of Education Election; ESAN Monitoring Group


Today, the 8th of June is the stipulated date for the Faculty of Education Election following the candidate’s Debate and Manifesto which was held on Tuesday, 6th of June, 2023.


As at 9am this morning, which was the appointed time for the Election to commence. Electoral Officers are already on ground to observe due protocol and start the election. By 11am, the voting exercise has begun, students arrive in numbers to vote their selected candidates into office. The voting is going on peacefully and there is orderliness in the voting exercise.


The Electoral Commissioners who are in charge of monitoring are doing their job and the voters not to stay longer than expected during the voting process. 

As at 12pm, students are still trooping out in large numbers, the voting unit is now occupied with a large number of students. Electoral Officers try to control the large number of students who wants to vote in order to maintain peace and orderliness.


However, by 12: 22 am. There is a disagreement between the Electoral Commission and an agent of one of the elected candidate, Pathfinder. The reason for the argument is over the accreditation of voters. Arguments erupt among voters as well because there is a delay over the flow of the voting exercise on the queue meant for the part three as well as the part four students.


More argument erupts as students refuse to maintain orderliness in the voting process as a result of the slow movement of the voting exercise thereby causing delay.


By 1:48pm, an argument erupts  between one of the agent of the elected candidate and a student. The student was was told to go back to the queue but refused. 


The argument is on the issue of the e-portal which was down at that time thereby denying students without a school ID card the opportunity to vote. The unrest continues as many voters and agents argue with electoral officials over the presentation of course form and e-portal in replacement of their ID card to vote. The Electoral Commission are indecisive whether they should allow the use of course form.


After a while, the Electoral Chairman finally addressed the agents on the mode of accreditation since the school portal is currently unaccesible. The mode of accreditation presently is the voter’s matriculation number, the student’s name or the student’s school I.D card. 


As at 2:00 pm, the argument still continue while the voting exercise continue alongside, as electoral officers tries to manage the situation.

The voting exercise still continue and it is expected to end by 5pm.




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