Great Ife Student’s Union Election: Bus Drivers leaves Students Stranded



Today is the appointed date for the Great Ife Students Union Election. Students are expected to cast their vote for their selected candidate. For the next Student’s Leadership of the institution.

Following the fuel subsidy in the country, it has caused transport workers to increase their transport fare.

As a result of this, Bus Drivers popularly known as “Towngboro” who convey students into the campus have decided to strike today, leaving students stranded on campus gate.

As students find it difficult to enter the campus, they are forced to rely on alternative options either by trekking or a lift. Bike owners also hike transport fare. Students living outside the campus in areas like: Mayfair, A.P, Lagere, Parakin and other area that are far from the campus had no other choice than to take bike since they have no other choice. 

Fortunately, private car owners who are making their way into the campus are kind enough to lift some students into the campus. While on this, student leaders who are vying for one post or the other in the said Students Union Election provide buses and small cars to help students find their way into the campus to cask their vote.

Apart from the fact that today is the election day for Students Union Leadership. Many students have one thing or the other to do on campus. According to the school calendar, the week is the lecture free week, after which the examination starts the next week. Despite this, many lecturers fixed today for their students to submit assignments while some other students have course form to submit and some still have their classes going on. 

As at this moment,  many students have finally found their way into the school in whatever way they can.


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