Student Union’s presidential candidate withdraws


A contender for the Student Union presidential election from the Faculty of Law, Peace Oyeniyi has resigned in favour of the contending candidates who emerged from the Faculty of Agriculture, Ojo Abbas Akinremi popularly known as Lordfem.  

According to the statement that was signed by the campaign manager for Olu Peace, his decision is a result of his experience, capacity and human management skills possessed by his fellow candidate. 

Furthermore, he attributed the leading candidate and implored his supporters to vote for him in the race left among the remaining o contestants. 

According to the statement, 

“Yesterday, I approached you with my Manifesto on why I am the suitable Candidate for the forthcoming elections. However, governance is not restricted to Intellectualism but experience. 

A Candidate with wider experience must be supported for the Office of the President, Great Ife Students’ Union. To this effect, I have considered it fit to step down for the Current President of the Faculty of Agriculture who is popularly and politically known as LORDFEM. 

He has the Astute Experience, Capacity and human management skills needed to lead Great Ife to greater heights. 

LORDFEM is capacious and I am sure of his ability to deliver excellently well. I hereby implore everyone to support his candidacy regardless of their political allegiance. Leadership is based on emotional intelligence, the ability to develop constructive problem-solving approaches and many more.

Kindly vote and Support LORDFEM.



The Electoral Commission, Great Ife Students’ Union. 

Great Ife Students’.”


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