2023 World Press Freedom Day: ACJ-OAU On An Outreach


In celebration of the 2023 World Press Day, with the International Campus Journalism Week and the 50th Anniversary of the Association of Campus Journalists (ACJ), Men of the Press held an outreach on Wednesday 3rd May 2023 at Urban Day Secondary School, Mayfair, Osun state. 

It was an eventful day in which representatives from each news agency attended the event including the INFOCUS Agency correspondent as they speak on the theme “Media Literacy and Digitalization.”

Moreover, they educate the student and enlighten them about the dangers involved in the spread of fake news. Also talks about the advantages of the media on how they can utilize it for the betterment of their education.

The student received the team warmly as they responded well and ask questions. The students were offered a book and snacks after the teaching. Awesome pictures were taken to make the media visit indelible for the students. 



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