Created for me: My departed lover

Dearest heartthrob, I thought you were created for me, when you caught a glimpse of my face, it remained plastered on your mind. Like you said, “my skin under the hot afternoon sun, glowed like fireflies of the night, making your curious eyes twinge”.

You stretched your warm hands of friendship and love, and we became one. Just like Eve was created for Adam, you were created for me. Specially made for me, you treated me like the queen I was meant to be, always on the look out for me and spoiling me with the most expensive thing on the shelf, nothing less.

I remembered vividly, how you vowed never to leave me for a second, talk more of forever. I could see, written in your eyes, the seriousness of what you said, and how scared you were to loose me to another.

In your eyes, I could see forever. I was determined to build a home full of love and happiness, with you. You were ready to wait for two more years, even an eternity.

Beloved, the night you tenderly whispered into my ears your intentions to make me yours, fully, was the best. I was wrapped in your strong arms, feeling the heat from our bodies, enfolding the room as we made love like newlyweds. You had total control of my body, and I, yours.

You said, “I’ll wait for you, just complete your studies, and I’ll make you mine, legally. Without fear or intimidation, I’ll tell the whole world of how wonderful it is to have a priceless gem as you. I’ll take you to the top of Eiffel tower and scream out my lungs, proclaiming my love to you, treat you to the most sumptuous breakfast you’ve ever tasted, while I bring you back from Dreamland with your favorite ice cream flavor and a deep kiss.  Thereafter, happily make you the mother of my kids, love”.

You made the promise of a lifetime and fulfilled the promise of a day.

Created for me


More than my parents, you pampered me, making sure I had no taste of suffering. Is it the countless dates and movie nights, I’ll forget? Or the monthly care? cramps allowance, and loads of gift I get when my courses show?

How can I ever forget the unexpected surprises you planned, even when it’s not my birthday or a special day? What else will I talk about? The soothing motivations? I can still feel the pressure and pleasure of your lips on mine, it feels just like yesterday.

Elvis, with all the love you showered, why did you still break my heart? Why did you make memories that’ll haunt me forever? Why did you show me the path of love and care? When you knew it’ll end in tears and blockage? Why did you decide to make the promise of a lifetime when you knew you’ll not fulfill it?

Every night, I cry myself to sleep for I couldn’t believe you’ll one day, leave. Your favorite song, “Dandelions”, became my medicine. Without listening to your melodious voice, I wouldn’t sleep. You left, but still, you are my life. Weeks after you left, I realized you aren’t coming. You left a huge hole in my heart, when  you left.

Dearest Elvis, why did you have to die? Why did you have to break my heart in a terrible way? Why did you leave me all alone in a cruel world? And still, appear in my dreams, telling me not to cry.
Even in heaven, you still care. Why did you have to leave me stranded? In the land of lovers.


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