Sudden goodbye


Oh! No this can’t be true,

Wake me up, pinch me,

Just pour a bucket of water on me,

I must be dreaming.

Can someone jolt me back to reality?


The environment seemed eerie,

Probably his spirit hovers around,

I couldn’t help but imagine him on his death bed,

Fighting for life against death,

“You can’t do this yunno,

People will be devastated at my demise”

I imagined him explaining to death,

But death didn’t listen,

It smirked and stroke,

Ceased his breathe,

Shut his eyes,

Leave his body motionless and cold,

Then the doctor announced him dead.

Death has taken its toll.

Only if death knew,

The gloomy effects of what it had cause,

Forever broken hearts,

Continuous heavy sighs,

Exposure to adversities,

Constant in-laws brouhaha,

The list is endless.

Just only if it knew.

There was no signal,

Not even a parting word,

No final time together,

No last prayers.

It came as a thief in the night,

To steal his life,

Cut him away from loved ones,

Rob him of responsibilities and,

Abandoned it on one shoulder to bear.

Our loved ones never leaves us,

Their presence is just abstract here,

While they watch on from heaven.


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