#OAUGATE: Impeached Former OAU Union President, Dr IBK, Fails To Meet Bail Conditions, To Be Remanded Till 26th of April

The arrested former president of the Great Ife Student’s Union who was charged with charges of theft and fraud by the Students’ Union leaders will now be remanded because he has failed to meet up the bail conditions given out by the court of law at Chief’s Magistrate Court along Ibadan road, Ile-Ife.

Oyekan Ibukun was transferred from the University Security Department to Moore police station yesterday over the fact that he has been identified as the prime suspect of the missing funds in the Students’ Union account.

According to the information given out by the incumbent Students’ Union president, Reform, Dr IBK was not able to meet up the bail conditions given by the court of law and he would be remanded till the next court hearing which holds on the 26th of April. The conditions are two guarantors with a sum of #500,000 each; the defendants must be Ife residents, and they must be gainfully employed.

The case has been adjourned to the 26th of this month when DR IBK will appear before the court of law again.


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