Taliban Locks Afghan Girls’ Schools Few Hours After Reopening

The Taliban, on Wednesday, ordered the secondary girls’ school in Afghanistan to shut down just few hours after they recommenced working. An official confirmed, causing confusion over the policy reversal by the Islamist group.

“Yes, it’s true,” Inamullah Samangani, Taliban spokesman told AFP when asked to confirm reports that girls had been ordered home. According to NDTV.

According to NDTV, Aziz Ahmad Rayan, the education ministry spokesman said, “We are not allowed to comment on this.”

An AFP team was filming at Zarghona High School in the capital Kabul when a teacher came in and ordered everyone to go.

Crestfallen students tearfully packed up their belongings and filed out. They were just back in class since Taliban seizes power August last year.

According to NDTV, palawasha, a teacher at O’Mara Khan Girls’ School in Kabal said, “I see my students reluctant to leave classes.”

The international community has made the right to education q sticking point for all, in negotiation over aid and recognition of the new regime.

Deborah Lyons, the United Nations envoy described the reports of the closure as “disturbing”.

“If true, what could possibly be the reason?” She tweeted.

Several schools in the capital and other places including Herat and Panjshirdid reopen before the order to shut down.


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