Lawmaker Asks House To End COVID-19 Masking Rule

A House of Representatives member, Olufemi Adebanjo, objected, on Thursday, the wearing of face mask in the chamber, stating it has unfavorable health implication.

According to Olufemi, COVID-19 is no more and there has been no new cases in the past two months, both in Nigeria and abroad.

The Lawmaker raised a point of order, concerning privilege to say members no longer follow the COVID-19 protocols and the House should suspend the wearing of face mask in the chamber.

According to PUNCH, Olufemi said, “I want to inform the National Assembly, especially the House of Representatives, concerning the masking of our faces coming into the chamber. For the past two months, I have not heard of any case of COVID in Nigeria or abroad.

“Mr Speaker, the masking has been a very painful one and the earlier the better we relaxed the rule that compulsorily asks honourable members to wear a mask. If you look around, you can see how many people are using the mask.

“It affects our respiratory system and our lungs. So, there is no more COVID in Nigeria, there is no more COVID abroad. I would prefer we relaxed the rule, Mr Speaker.”

According to PUNCH, Ahmed Wase, Deputy Speaker of the House, who presided over the session expressed that the lawmakers were supposed to comply with safety protocols enforced by the Federal Government, especially through the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Ahmed said, “I want to advise that as legislators, we are supposed to be compliant with the rules set for the country, the Constitution and the Acts. It is by the leave of the House and the grace of God that we have the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and they are responsible for regulating our affairs and conduct.

“So, it is not for the Speaker to rule on their duty that has been prescribed duly by an Act of the National Assembly. I want to beg that we should continue to comply with the regulations set for our country and the world. We note your concern. Your point of order is noted.”


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