Valentine Risk Me

                    Act 1 Scene 2
( Shola meets Julie outside after class)
Shola: Hey! Julie.
Julie: Hi!
Shola: How was the class
Julie: It was so boring
( They both laughed)
Shola: How far? Have you thought about my request?
Julie: Hmmmm…. haven’t concluded yet, I have a lot of invitation tommorow, I don’t know which one to go yet.
Shola: Oh! Really? I thought you were an introvert (laughs)
Julie: (laughs) Yes I am it’s just that I decided I didn’t want to stay at home tommorow.
Shola: Alright. Just let me know after you have concluded.
Julie: What if I declined your offer?
Shola: Nothing will happen, it’s your choice.
Julie: Really!? You won’t be annoyed?
Shola: (laughs) do you think I will?
Julie: Yes!
Shola: No I won’t, I just hope you will accept my request.
Julie: Alright, I will get back to you.
Shola: Alright, bye!
Julie: Bye.
(Julie walks to her hostel, meets her roommate, Rachel and his boyfriend, Frank on the bed)
Rachel: Girl!! You are back?
Julie: Yeah!
Frank: Hi Julie
Julie: ( ignores him)
( Few hours after Frank had left, Rachel meets Julie at the side of her bed)
Rachel: Babe! Why did you ignore Frank while he was greeting you?
Julie: (remains silent)
Rachel: Julie! I am talking to you, don’t try to ignore me!!!
Julie: What else do you want me to say?? I have told you several times that I am uncomfortable with your boyfriend coming to our room, you guys can meet somewhere else, we both paid for this room, you have to respect my decision!!!
Rachel: I know you told me that, but Frank came unannounced do you expect me to send him back?
Julie: You should have left with him.
Rachel: You shouldn’t have ignored his greetings either!!!
( They both parted ways angrily, later in the evening, Julie thinking about where to go tomorrow, Bimbo knocks on their door)
Bimbo: (Knocks) Hello guys!!!
Julie: Hi babe! How are you (opens the door)
Bimbo: I am good, how are you too?
Julie: Great!
Bimbo: Hello Rachel!!!
Rachel: (Ignores her)
Bimbo: Girl! Wassup! I am greeting you, you didn’t respond?
Rachel: (still remains silent)
Julie ( drags Bimbo outside)
Bimbo: Babe what’s wrong? Did you guys fight again??
Julie: Don’t mind her, she’s just being unreasonable.
Bimbo: Okay oooo I came to ask where you are going tomorrow for Val because as for me I am going to rock at Oduduwa Hall tommorow for the party!!!!!
Julie: Hmmmm party girl…anyway I have concluded.
Bimbo: Really!!?? tell me? Where are you going?
Julie: Well…..I will follow Shola out tomorrow.
Bimbo: Wow! For real!!?? You mean you are going on a date with Shola? Have you guys been dating secretly???
Julie: C’mon, you are taking it too far, Shola and I are just coursemate.
Bimbo: Okay oooo
( they both went inside, later in the evening, after Bimbo had left)
Julie: Babe! Did you later went for David’s birthday party???
Rachel:( Ignores her)
Julie: Don’t tell me you are still annoyed? I thought you had let it go???
Rachel: ( still remains silent)
Julie: Alright! I am sorry okayy?? but you know this isn’t my fault
Rachel: You shouldn’t have ignored his greetings that’s what I am saying.
Julie: I said I am sorry oooo apologies accepted??
Rachel: Nope! On one condition
Julie: Which is??
Rachel: You have to follow me to tommorow’s party.
Julie: Hmm?
Rachel: Yeah! You have to, you already told me you will think about it
Julie: But I already planned tommorow for something else?
Rachel: Ehn! Julie! I already planned tomorrow for you and I, I told my friends too that you are coming over.
Julie: But…..
Rachel: Are you really going to choose another person’s party over mine????
Julie: ( looks confused).
to be continued…


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