Why I parted ways with my former lover- Broda Shaggi

Nigerian Comedian and skit maker, Broda Shaggi has revealed why he parted ways with his ex- lover.

In an Interview with TVC news, the Comedian said he broke up with his former lover because things didn’t work out as planned.

He hinted they broke up because of the issue of Marriage which he wasn’t ready for.


He said Marriage is a big thing , it requires understanding from both gender. For me, Marriage is not on my mind now because I have so many things to acheive. When I am ready to settle down, I will get married.When marriage happens, it is going to take my whole time. I need to give it my all”.

He further stated that he has never been served breakfast neither has he served anyone breakfast. In addition, he said he would never make videos of his intimate moments as he doesn’t have time to do so.

He said everyone is different and can never be him neither can he be them. While some enjoy making their private lives public events, he does not because he does not have time.He said there’s so much going on: you’re in your World, In a mood when you don’t wanna be disturbed, there’ll be no camera around not to mention recording.



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