Valentine Risks Me

Characters: Julie (an introvert) Rachel (Julie’s roommate, also a gregarious person), Frank( Rachel’s boyfriend) Gbenga( Frank’s friend) Samuel &Tosin (Racheal’s coursemate) Bimbo( an extrovert who likes partying)

Act 1 Scene1
(6am alarm makes a loud buzzing sound)
Racheal: Julie! Julie! Get up! It’s 6am, Get up!!
Julie: Hmmmmmmm ( she stretches on the bed)
Rachel: You have such a lazy bones! Get up so you won’t miss Dr Hunsu’s 7am class
Julie: Is it morning already???
Rachel: Yeah… is! Get your ass off that bed now!!
Julie: You are such a cold roommate, you know
Rachel: (laughs) really??
Julie: You know I hate you
Rachel: I know you don’t mean it, you love me as your friend and roommate.
Julie: I mean it this time, I really hate you.
Rachel: You say that everytime
They both laughed as they prepared for the morning class
Later in the morning as Julie walks to her department for the morning class, she meets Shola his coursemate
Shola: Hi Julie
Julie: Hey! Good morning
Shola: Hope you slept well?
Julie: Yeah I did, You??
Shola: Sure..Ehmm I wanted to discuss something with you
Julie: Okay…… What’s that? I hope there’s no problem?
Shola: Emmm….. I just want to ask if you have any plans for tommorow??
Julie: Tommorow??? What’s happening tomorrow??
Shola: Oh don’t tell me you have you forgotten tommorow is Valentine’s day???
Julie: Ohh….. I totally forgot, tomorrow is valentine’s day
(they both laughed)
Shola: Hmmmm I guess you don’t have plans for tomorrow since you totally forgot tomorrow is Valentine’s day
Julie: Well….you can say that, but my roommate invites me for her dea
Shola: Okay….so…if you don’t mind can we go out tomorrow??
Julie: Hmm???
Shola: Yeah…..I just wanna hangout with you tomorrow
Julie: Where
Shola: Anywhere, we can go see a movie, we can go to a restaurant or anywhere, as long as it’s comfortable for you.
Julie: Hmmmm
Shola: Pleeeeeseee
Julie: (laughs) Okay I’ll think about it
Shola: No now!!! What’s there to think about?
Julie: I have to….I haven’t done this before and it’s …..
Shola: I don’t have any ulterior motive oooo just to catch fun, that’s all
Julie: Okayyy…..
Shola: I’ll take that as a yes
Julie: I still have to think about it…
Shola: Alright! see you after the class
Julie: Bye
Shola: Bye!
Julie meets Bimbo her coursemate in class
Julie: Good morning Bimbo
Bimbo: Hey Julie, Wassup
Julie: I am good, how are you doing also?
Bimbo: Am fine, ehn ehn, Julie….
Julie: Yes???
Bimbo: Are you coming for tomorrow’s event?
Julie: What event is happening tommorow again?
Bimbo: Ohh c’mon Julie…..there is a valentine’s party tommorow at Oduduwa Hall
Julie: Am not aware of that ooo
Bimbo: Ahhhh….You are such an introvert
Julie: (smiles)
Bimbo: Anyways the ticket is just #1500
Julie: Ehn!!!!!!
Bimbo: What??? Is it much?
Julie: Nevermind.
Bimbo: Are you coming??
Julie: I don’t really know….am so confused right now, I have three options now
Bimbo: Which are??
Julie: My roommate, Rachel invites me for their Dinner tomorrow, Shola also invites me for an outing and you are also inviting me for another Valentine’s party now, I don’t know which one to go……….
Bimbo: So what do you plan to do now?
Julie: I will have to choose between the three
Bimbo: Let’s see
(to be continued).


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