OAU Management Okays Students’ Union Inauguration, Announces Plans For Union Vibrancy

After five months that the management of Obafemi Awolowo University put the swearing-in and inauguration ceremony of the newly elected students’ union officers on hold, the management of the citadel of learning has finally approved the activities.

This was announced in a broadcast released by the Public Relations Officer of the Students’ Union Electoral Commission, Olalekan Olatunbosun, popularly known as the Catalyst. The chairman of the commission that conducted the election that brought in the incoming union officers also endorsed the information given out by the Public Relations Officer of the Electoral Commission.

The information given out by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission stipulated that the officers will be inaugurated on Thursday, 3rd of March 2022 at Oduduwa Hall by 12 pm.

The part of the released statements by the electoral commission read “Past months have characterized by our unswerving efforts to ensure the swearing-in and inauguration and leadership retreat of/for the elected union officers at the CEC, SRC and HEC levels were done as stipulated in the election calendar until unforeseen circumstances took over the course.

“However, we are elated to announce that the CEC, Leadership of the SRC and HEC’s Chairpersons will proceed on a leadership training by next week and the Inauguration and Swearing-in Ceremony will hold unfailing’

The Dean of Students Affairs, Prof. Isihaq Aransi, also confirmed the date when he was interviewed by newsmen. He also used the venue to add that the Union Officers will be trained as far as leadership is concerned. Professor Aransi said that the elected Union Officers will be going on a leadership retreat out of Campus to Ada.

” it’s true, in fact tomorrow, the students’ union leaders are moving out of Ife for a leadership retreat at Miccom Golf Hotels and Resorts in Ada Osun State and the University has put everything that will make the training a success in place”. Professor Aransi concluded.


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