Mourning As Junior Pope Is Confirmed Dead

Following the boat incident that occurred yesterday, the Nollywood film industry has been thrown into another wave of mourning as Junior Pope was later confirmed dead.


On Wednesday 10th of April, during a movie shoot at Asaba, Delta state, a popular Nollywood actor drowned in the river during the movie shoot. This scene has led to several posts on the internet giving claims on the death of Junior Pope. 


A popular channel ‘-Yabaleftonline’ made a release on the death of Junior Pope. The death of Junior Pope spread like wildfire across the internet, making fans mourn and accuse the film production of their ignorance.


A few minutes before this incident, Junior Pope posted a video of himself and other crew. He laments on their way crossing River Ninja with no life jacket.

He said, ‘I have three children to raise. See me lamenting. The risk we take to entertain you, crossing river 9ja yesterday with no life jacket. Na wahooooo. Who does that ??”

Junior pope and family

In contrast to the news of his death, famous Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji uploaded a video of Junior Pope being taken to the hospital 


According to an unconfirmed report, it was said that Junior Pope was taken to the mortuary after being seen motionless at the riverside. The mortuary rejected the body. They said that Junior Pope was alive.


However, after taking him from the mortuary, he was rushed to the hospital and confirmed to be alive. This was confirmed after the post of Emeka Rollas, the President of Actors Guild Nigeria.

His post was with the caption “What God cannot do does not exist”. This news created a deep relief for his fans. After some minutes of posting, Emeka Rollas deleted this post.


Unfortunately, there was mourning as Junior Pope was later confirmed to be dead.


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