Historical Facts of Akinola Market, Ipetumodu, Osun state

Akinola market is located at Ipetumodu, Ife North; an outskirt town in Osun state. This market is known for its market day that holds every Friday. Ipetumodu has several histories about the Akinola Market Day.

On the market day, several farmers come from nearby states to sell their farm produce in the market. Farmers come from Kwara, Ondo, and Ibadan; farmers also come from nearby towns, especially Ile-Ife, Osogbo, Modakeke, and other towns.

Akinola market is a budget-friendly type of market popular for its cheap and rich farm produce which makes many people such as parents, students, graduates, and others expectant about each market day. Many indigenes and non-indigenes of Osun State have benefitted from the patronizing this market

The History Behind Akinola Market

During the war between Ipetumodu and Asipa, a quarrel between two families from these different towns, led to a battle between these communities. The war was caused by dispute over land ownership and boundaries.

According to an article written by Osun State blog, it provides a full account about this war. Ipetumodu residents accuse Asipa of trying to possess a land that doesn’t belong to them. Ipetumodu indigenes firmly stated that the Asipa community boundary ends at Okoko River.

After this quarrel was over, Asipa demanded that Ipetumodu should change the date of their new market since it was the same date as theirs. Ipetumodu bluntly refused this request, and claimed to have consulted from Ifa, and the oracle gave them the date and location of their new market which cannot be changed.

However, Ipetumodu had to consult Ifa again for a new place and day for their market. A decision that was made to restore peace to these communities and anymore troubles from Asipa community. After consulting Ifa oracle, they decided to establish their market on Akinola land which is within the Ipetumodu community. This led to the establishment of the Akinola Market.


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