‘Eruditus Clasis’ Students Rep ‘In Day Club’ By 50 Cents Amidst Exam Stress

In a surprising turn of events, Education and English Part Two students, also known as Eruditus Clasis known for their dedication to academics, decided to rep ‘In Da Club’ by 50 cents in different dressing outfits and engaged in various fun activities.

However, the spirit of Eruditus Clasis chose to inject some fun and levity into their demanding exam schedule.

The campus was transformed into a diversity of colours and creativity as students donned elaborate costumes and dressed weirdly.

Laughter and music filled the air as students paraded around the campus, showcasing their ensembles and streaming joy to all who crossed their paths.

During an interview with an INFOCUS correspondent, Boluwatife, the social media manager of Eruditus Clasis, expressed what motivated them to rep the video.

She said, ‘The video has been trending, and a coursemate of mine sent it to the group and thought we should do it.’

‘So we discovered in the videos we’ve seen that no one dressed normally, so we just thought it would be nice if we went beyond and spiced it up a bit. I dropped the thought on the group, and then Eruditus amazed me with different styles and characters.’

Also, in an interview with Deyrin, a class member, she disclosed how she felt during the video, after going through the exam stress, she deemed it an avenue to unwind, and she just did it. Moreover, the part she enjoyed the most was when everyone started dressing up. Seeing different outfits cracked her up.

‘Probably the best of the song. When I heard it, I knew my outfit had to be something ‘old and baggy’ just like during the days of 50 cents and the like. The notice was short, so I couldn’t get the exact costume I wanted to use, but had to put up with what I had.’

‘Didn’t do much about putting it together. Picked a big vintage top and trousers that are quite bigger than I liked—probably the biggest in my wardrobe—and an old shoe which I haven’t worn in years.”  A member of the class, Victor, revealed.

As the day came to a close, the students of ‘Eruditus Clasis’ returned to their books and study materials, their faces painted with samples and memories of a day well spent.


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