Singer Simi Reveals Her Criteria For Music Collaborations

Nigerian singer Simi has disclosed that she doesn’t impose a fee on fellow artistes seeking collaborations.

During a recent episode of the Tea With Tay podcast, Simi articulated her stance on featuring in songs, emphasizing her discerning approach.

The singer, who is also a mother, explained that she evaluated each opportunity based on her genuine affinity for the music.

She clarified, “Till this moment, I have never charged for a feature. For me to do a feature, I have to really like it.”

Simi elaborated that she commits to collaborations only when she resonates deeply with the music.

“I have to like the song. If I like the song, give me half a day, I am done. If I don’t like the song, I will most likely say no. It’s not personal. I can take a no. Things are not personal; it’s just what it is,” she added.                                                    


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