Moses Bliss Proposes to Lover

Popular gospel singer Moses Bliss and “You are too faithful to fail me” crooner took to his social media pages on Friday morning to announce his engagement with his fiancee, Marie Wise, a Ghanaian.

“The Lord makes all things beautiful in His time,” he wrote.

The proposal took place in London, where Moses Bliss asked for her hand in marriage.

Their journey, which began on Instagram, took a leap after about a year as they finally got engaged.

In the video, as he proposes to his newly engaged fiancee, he sings a special song he had prepared specially for her and shows his proposal ring to the the people with him. He disclosed in the video to those with him how nervous he felt because of the important decision he was about to make.

Marie Wise also thanked Moses Bliss for everything and commended him for how much he had taught her about God.

Congratulatory messages poured in from fans over the internet as their lovely pictures gushed over the internet space.

Some regarded his engagement news as ‘heartbreaking’ to many ladies, knowing fully that Moses Bliss was single up until the time he made the proposal.


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