ASSES Unveils New Notebook Designed For Freshers

The Association of English Education Students (ASSES) yesterday, 14 Sunday, 2023, in a memo released announced the unveiling of the new notebook souvenir for freshers.

The Central Executive Members of the unit, team invigoration, launched the notebook which it described as tailored to the freshers, a step it noted as one taken towards fulfilling its promise of putting the association members first.

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The notebook is one of the yearly package usually given to the part one students of the unit.

Highlighting the key benefits of procuring the book, the memo reads:

“The book is not an ordinary book as it performs the following functions:

1) Welcoming New Members: The ASSEES notebook serves as a warm welcome for freshers as it creates a sense of belonging and community from the moment they step into the ASSEES family.

2) Academic Companion: Designed with the academic journey in mind, the ASSEES notebook serves as an indispensable companion for note-taking, jotting down insights from lectures, and organizing thoughts.

3) Promoting Academic Excellence: The ASSEES notebook is a tool crafted to elevate your academic performance and it will aid in the meticulous organization of your educational pursuits.

4) Expressing Shared Values: The ASSEES notebook is a tangible representation of shared values within the association by creating a phatic space where members can express their commitment to academic excellence, language proficiency, and community engagement.”


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