In the mystical realm of academics, where examinations are battled fiercely, yielding mustard results, sits the Mother of all, in all her glory.

It is no longer news that the faculty of Education located on the soil of Great Ife, in the ancient city of Ile-Ife, convoked over three hundred graduating students on the 9th day of December, 2023 at the 47th convocation ceremonies of our great university.

Following the great transition of a four years course into five years metamorphosing into six years, the Mother of all, alongside other faculties celebrated with other successful students. Mother, if you really love them like you claim, why don’t you let them roam and explore?

The Mother of all Faculties, known for her hardworking nature, once again amazed both students and non-students of Great Ife. Not only did the faculty produce over three hundred graduating students, but, had close to one hundred with first class honors.

However, recents events have raised eyebrows. Although, mute, everyone walks the length and breadth of the faculty with their minds clouded with unanswered questions ranging from, “why to how?” Has the supportive Mother of all suddenly become callous overnight?

Why convocate just ⅓ of your children? Does the SYSTEM really enjoy wasting student’s time? I guess it is right to deny your students the privilege to celebrate and be celebrated?

This flickering fire that started a few years back, is actually getting uncontrollably. Won’t it one day, engulf the Mother herself? Why have you chosen to overshadow the blinding lights of their outstanding academic performance? Why have you concealed their flawless CGPA and denied them the golden buzzer to greener pastures?

Why do you still imprison them in your tight embrace? Not satisfied with the different ways you choked them in the last five years? Talk, Mother. You’ve got any excuse for keeping them? You have labored enough, Push them out!

Come on, Mother of all! There are enough steps in the faculty, but what steps did you take to free them? You’ve produced Doctors, but why can’t they treat the illness? Isn’t it suspicious, Mother?

Mother, make the hidden a public affair. Hold on, is your SYSTEM secretly damaged?


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