Early in the morning on December 3rd, 2023, an incident occurred in Moremi hall, where a lady reported that a strange man had attempted to rape her.

The victim, who had been asleep, when she was woken by the strange man who was tying a wrapper, with his trousers removed, threatened her with a scissors.

He had told her to cooperate with him and when she struggled, she managed to escape, and the culprit fled the room.

The victim dashed out of the room, screamed and the occupants of the block came to her aid.

The chairperson, along with the members of the hall security committee, searched the block for the culprit, but who had escaped at that time.

The occupants of the Moremi Hall were alerted and all searched their rooms before coming out.

The school authorities and the student union were immediately alerted about this incident.

This incident is the third that has been reported in the hall this week.


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