ACJOAU Intensive Journalism Recruitment Examination Process

In the process of training the brightest talents and aspiring student journalists, the Association of Campus Journalists (ACJOAU) conducted a rigorous journalism examination as part of its recruitment process.

The exam took place at the First Bank Lecturer Theatre on Saturday 18th November 2023. The agency’s aim was to assess candidates in various facets of journalism, which include, reporting, writing skills, ethical considerations and media awareness.

Also, this initiative aligns with ACJ’s commitment to maintaining high standards and fostering a culture of excellence within the realm of campus journalism. The recruitment process underscores the organization’s dedication to nurturing and harnessing the journalistic potential present on campus.

In addition, the examination format employed in the conduct of the examination was comprehensible and simple. After the examination, candidates were interviewed based on their knowledge and passion for journalism.

This approach was done to make sure that the selected few will not only possess the required skills but also share a commitment to uphold journalistic integrity and ethics.


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