The Legacy Setters- Changing the Status Quo

In the past, there’s the belief about every female child in the society. A female child is believed not to be a priority because of certain beliefs, cultures and norms.

There is a popular saying in the past, “females would always end up in the kitchen”. Only the male children were invested in, while the female children were neglected. Can one say this notion was right? Or they had these beliefs because of some certain conditions like poverty, illiteracy, uncivilization?

The female child struggled between this circumstances, and accepted their fate of only having the chance of getting married. They got married at tender ages, making the marriage and bearing children their only dream, thereby aborting their initial dreams and ambitions.

What happens when some people decides to break these existing protocols and fight for what they really want?

We have had some female heroes who break through their societies and cultures, to make their ambitions true. Some of them are:


Gabrielle Abiola Adeniran is a Nigerian Surgeon and Medical Practitioner. She was born in October 1930, and became the first woman to gain a medical degree in Nigeria from the University of Ibadan. Gabrielle is the First Female Director of Nigerian Health Management Board in 1986. She is not only a known scholar but also married and blessed with kids. She did well in accomplishing all her dreams and ambitions, setting a pace for many others who have dreams like her.


OLUSOLAPE Folashade gained admission into the University of Ibadan (UI), formerly known as the University College Ibadan (UCI), at the age 19. She has also set a legacy for other female who will dream big and look up to her as their role model.


Mrs. Williams was born in 1932. She became a Professor of Mathematics Education. Mrs. Williams became the first female Vice-Chancellor in Nigeria at the University of Benin. She attended the University College Ibadan and obtained a doctorate degree in University of Chicago in 1963. She is also the first woman to be awarded a doctorate degree in Nigeria.


Adetoun Omolara was born in December 1926 in Benin city, Edo state. She became the First Female Professor in Nigeria and First Professor of Library and Information Service. She is the First Nigerian Woman to be awarded a degree from Cambridge University. Omolara became an activist for social right of women.

We celebrate our females heroes who have sacrificed one thing or the other and broken through the status quo that considers Female children inferior. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, Margaret Ekpo, Ladi Kwali, Kofo Ademola, Florence Nwapa, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and many others.

These women and many others have not only made their families and society proud, they did a good job by providing an opportunity for women. It has given many women hope to aspire for what they want.

Their stories will inspire many, and create a change to hearts and minds of many people. They are our female heroes.


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