Chaos amidst HEC election

After the just concluded Students Union Election, which produced Lordfem as the president elect, and Yosola as the Vice president, the Hall Executive Council Election which was scheduled to hold on Saturday 3rd of June, 2023 kicked off on an argumentative level.


The Election which is to be held across the eights halls namely: Akintola hall, Moremi hall, Fajuyi hall, Alumni hall, Angola hall, Awolowo hall, Mozambique hall and ETF hall, started around 9am with the electoral officers setting things in place.

Voting started in all halls some minutes to 10am, with the exception of Akintola hall, where chaos and disagreement chose to stay. As at 10:36am, voters were in disagreement over the means of identification to be used. After the hall warden had a brief call with the vice dean, at 10:56, she said the ID card and Clearance form signed by her should be used as a means of identification.

Still, the voters refused to yield to the suggested means of identification, thereby causing another round of hot arguments.


By 10:59am, The electoral commissioner said he would only allow student to vote if they fulfill these three obligations:


1 Clearance form signed by the vice dean.

2 Online opening of the portal.

3 And if they must use an ID card, the eportal must be opened.


Moving to Fajuyi hall, the agent of an aspirant for the post of General Secretary “Christian” is seen complaining that his political name is not on the ballot paper while his opponent’s political name “Kaysax” is there. It was later discovered that the agent complaining about his candidate’s political name not on the ballot paper is not a registered agent while the registered agent was shown the ballot paper before the election commenced and he didn’t complain.

In addition, The initial number of ballot papers in Mozambique hall, 171 has been exhausted and the counting of a new set commences and its signing. A new set of 157 ballot papers have been counted and voting has continued, peacefully.

Finally, in Akintola hall, at 11:35am, they just started voting after much pandemonium. In all other halls, everything is going on peacefully, and the voting process is calm.






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