Tension looms, as Student’s Budget Increases Drastically


As the day unfolds in the early morning of today, Bus Drivers who are meant to convey students to campus are not seen at their usual spot. It appears that they have gone on strike as a result of fuel subsidies in the country.

Many students are thereby stranded begging private car owners for lift

and finding alternative means of transportation to get to the Campus.

Later in the Evening of today, “Towngboro” bus drivers as popularly called have released a circular on their new transport fare within and outside the campus. It appears that they have increased the price which is double of the amount students are spending on transportation before.

Recently, in the early months of the semester, bus drivers had attempted to increase the transportation fare of the students. This made the Students Union Leadership to take actions by banning the bus drivers from entering the campus unless they maintain the status quo. After many days of this struggle, they finally agreed and returned to their existing price list. As at now, many are looking forward to what the Student Union Leaders has to do or what step they will carry to address this issue.

However, this new price list has left many students bothered and concerned, especially students who live far away from the campus, on how they will come with this new price list.

“I am fed up,” a student lamented, realizing the new price list will affect her budget.

“I need to get an accommodation on campus next semester because I can’t cope with this. Come to think of it, we are not during the exam period. We would have had to be going to the campus everyday with the heavy price.” Another commented¬†

This has given many student a benefit of doubt and consideration to attempt getting an accommodation on campus by all means which will ease their stress and budget.


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