Great Ife SU: ACJ-OAU Withdraws From The Election Debate



A press release was signed by the ACJ President, Faith Alofe which stated came after the last-minute set down of terms, conditions and modalities by the electoral commission. 

The Association of Campus Journalists OAU nevertheless further assures updates on the election as the union goes to the poll. 

The Press Release:

The leadership of the Association regrets to inform the general public of her withdrawal from the Great Ife Students’ Union Elections Debate which, according to the formal invitation that we got, should hold today Monday, 29th of May, 2023, by 3 pm. 

As we all know that by convention, the Association of Campus Journalists, OAU usually handles the Students’ Union electoral debate and has, over the years, done it well. However, we will like to inform the general public of our withdrawal from participation during this time. This resolution is coming after a last-minute consideration of the terms, conditions, and modalities of the debate set down by the Electoral Commission. 

As a result of the Association’s last-minute in-house ruling, the leadership does not feel assured of the arrangements made available by the Electoral Commission and cannot continue as initially arranged.

Having communicated our intent to withdraw to the Electoral Commission and having promised our support in their future activities, we want to assure the Commission and Great Ife students’ community of doing everything possible to ensure effective election monitoring. 

Observers are recognized, safe, and protected in the course of doing their job. 

As part of our safety procedure, we want to state that our election Reporters and Monitors will be with ACJ tags signed by the leadership of the Association. This is to ensure due recognition as they go about doing their job. As the Association continues to build on its existing good reputation, we appeal to everyone to follow voting guidelines and conduct themselves in the best democratic way possible. 

We are doing everything humanly possible to ensure that prompt and real-time election updates are not missed and are adequately published in a coordinated form. And we assure everyone involved in this election of fair, accurate, and fact-backed reporting. 

Thank you for your usual cooperation, and we hope the forthcoming CEC and SRC elections go well. 



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