The implications of Bad parenting


The implications of bad parenting can be harmful to the society. It’s just like putting a poisonous seed into the soil in your garden, its growth will only destroy other healthy plants and make your garden less attractive.

We live in a world where divorce is the ordeal of the day. When two people decides to come together as one and raise a family, there shouldn’t be any form of maltreatment from both parties. Rather, their aim should be towards raising beautiful and obedient kids. Without an iota of bad parenting in view.

Parenting can be a very tedious task. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon your kids and focus more on your job. Grooming your kids into responsible and successful adults are traits of good parenting. Bad parenting entails total or partial negligence, and not paying heeds to your kids.

Bad parenting is mainly as a result of Broken homes. Unhealthy homes will mostly breed unhealthy, disturbed kids. A child that witnesses his or her parent’s argument every day will surely be an unhappy child.
Children who are used to domestic violence might be violent in nature, depressed, lack concentration and sad.

A child who sees his or her parents throwing things and cursing at each other at home will never concentrate in school. And they will end up having bad grades in their class, which in turn won’t end well for such a child.

Unfortunately, a frustrated, angry father or mother will surely scold a child with bad grades in a very harsh way. There will be a transfer of aggression. Instead of encouraging the child to do better next time, they will start comparing their child to another Happy kid.

Some parents may go as far as cursing their kids for the bad grades, taunting them at any given chance, without any room for proper corrections as parents.

Sadly, some parents find peace in neglecting their kids. Imagine leaving a child of Eight or Nine years to work in other to survive. When such a parent can fully cater for their needs.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so also, Bad parenting doesn’t start in a day. It’s a gradual process from not listening to the complains of your child and finally to abandoning your child.

Bad parenting is mostly as a result of transfer of aggression. A child from a broken home is highly likely to experience it. And a seed from a plant will surely germinate into either good or bad.

The implications of bad parenting are numerous. A badly raised child may end up as a thug disrupting the peace of the society or even worse as a Kidnapper. A child not well trained and influenced negatively by friends ends up as a thorn in the skin.

Bad parenting can be curbed if the necessary steps into good parenting are taken.


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