Perplexed: The Word or the World?


My spirit says this way,
My flesh says that way,
Torn between my flesh and spirit,
Don’t know the way to go,

My spirit says “follow the Lord”
My flesh says “follow the world”
My spirit tells me He only is the way,
My flesh tells me carry on and be gay,

My spirit says “drop your sins”
My flesh says “look out for more wins”
My spirit says He is the one that makes you win
My flesh says go and be filled to the brim

But the word they say is eternal life.
They say the world is just an empty life.
Which would you pick, eternity
Or probably vanity,

I’m left alone to think
Which is the best to pick?
Life’s’ eternity
Or vanity upon vanity?

The world of the Lord is a strong tower,
The righteous runs there and gets equipped with power.
The world is full of mischief and suffer,
Lust, pains and death that makes one cower,

Now I know the word
And the entity of the world
It’s left to me to decide
Which way to reside.


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