The Aftermath of war on children

Stories of wars we have heard, are not the best stories to share. The aftermath of war, especially on children and young adults takes a while to wear off.

Children’s childhood gets stolen, sweet memories and events children are supposed to recall in both good and bad times will not be there.

War leaves a void in the heart of children, it ruins their childhood and sometimes hopes of a better future. It leaves a deep printon their lives, leaves them traumatized for a long period.

Families are forced to leave their comfort zone and flee into neighboring towns and villages to survive.

Many children will be rendered homesless and sudden orphans, struggling to make ends meet.

In their quest to survive without parents, they tend to forfeit schooling and take up menial jobs like hawking just to feed themselves.

In the process, some gets raped, abused and even killed, thus terminating ththeir future.

Children who wakes up to the sound of gunshots, explosives and blades clashing, ends up mainly with fear and anxiety.

Some will be in shock for thest part of their living, and fear of the unknown. Young girls who are victims of war are being subjected to forced marriage, forced labour and rape.

Also, children may, as a result of war lo,se some limbs, their sight or hearing.
The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has in no doubt affected children of both parties and still affecting them.

Children walking unimaginable miles with their parents just to flee the war, possibly will end up with health issues.

War changes happy children with bundles of energy and football bruises on their little legs to sad, unhealthy, emotional beings struggling for a living.

Unfortunately, war replaced happytimes with news times. Children expected to be watching educative programs, kid’s programs and cartoons are now changing the TV channel from one news station to another, listening to war news with their parents.

A twitter user said, ”war can seep into your emotions and suck your feelings dry, leaving you empty, numb and dumb”.

The aftermath of war on children, are huge. War steals the smiles of children, leaves the soul hollow and put them in a mental state of paralysis.

We hope geatly, that the war will end soon and the stolen smiles and childhood of children be restored.


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