Eagles or seagulls


The once – upon- a- time Giant,
Friend to all, pride of all, the envy of all,
Like Mother Theresa, she helps the needy,
Equal rights she metes to all,
Peaceful as a graveyard and calm as the sky she was.

The one -time Hero,
Has been reduced to zero, even zero is better,
Like a nightmare in the twinkling of an eye,
Transformed into a place of terror and tears,
Our Giant,
Has become a newt, a failure and nobody.

The needy, once happy, in a peaceful place,
Are now tellers of tales – tales of tears and death,
Of rapes and kidnapping, bombings and homicide,
Of pains and leaking veins.

They talk of unity and faith, our Unity?
We’ve fallen apart, with hatred brewing like storms in our hearts,
We all are now strangers born of the same mother,
Living in a household of fate, with fear in our hearts,
None will be foolhardy enough to sleep with both eyes shut.

We’ve lost faith in everything,
We don’t trust “them” to fulfil their promises,
We’ve lost faith in humanity,
Faith is now a thing of past,
We’ve all resigned to our fate.

Peace and progress is an abomination to our dear Giant,
Sounds of explosives completes our daily routine,
Our ears are now accustomed to frequent wailings,
From mothers in agony, crying for justice,
Gunshots too, have become the norms,
Helpless, homeless, weak children, screaming to stop the assault,
With a racing heartbeat, we rest our head,
All we want now is to survive.

We are like mud water, filthy and stinking,
Stagnancy is a new Scheme,
There is nothing like progress, a pause has been introduced,
Our Giant has become a laughing stock, yet, she’s concerned,
The little ones struggling their way up, have been dropped untimely times without number,
All they do now, is sit and watch the Atrocities been performed.

Our shield can no longer shield us,
Over the years, our fertile soil have become little homes,
To innocent souls, It’s barren and weeping,
Our soil is no more rich,
It has been defiled and pilled up with ashes of victims,
Mother Earth is now witnessing the return of her tender seeds,
With tears and sadness.

Our dignified horses has lost its values,
They are worthless and at the center of every joke,
No iota of respect is left for her.

Our rivers and streams have continuously flowed with blood,
Our blood flows outside our veins,
It swims back to Mother Earth through our rivers.
Our white pall is now red pall,
Cries of the lost fills our ears,
The blemish is more than our Giant,
Will she survive?

Our strong Eagles soaring high,
Has lost their strength and vigor,
Tiny ones have conquered them,
Our Super ones, are now seagulls
Picking worms and dirt for survival,
Our Eagles up in the sky, came crashing down with a mighty thud.

Are we really now Seagulls? Or still Eagles?
When, our bloods –
We’ve shed,
Our lands –
We’ve deserted,
Our children and parents –
We’ve lost,
Our resources –
We’ve been robbed,
Our homes –
We’ve been deprived,
Our sports –
We’ve lost.
Our Giant is now a weakling, a dwarf, ignored and trampled,
We cry our hearts out to our beloved Giant.
Will you rise again with our Eagles and become a mighty one?



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