Ife Indigenes Suspend Protest Temporarily, Give New Date

The aggrieved Ife indigenes who have been protesting for the past four days have finally stopped protesting temporarily.
In a meeting with the Obalufe and some State Officials at the Ooni’s palace today, 23rd of March 2022, in order to resolve the issue of the protest, they have finally given a ground.

After much pleading by the Commissioner for Police of Osun State, they have finally decided to suspend the ongoing protest till the 28th of March. It is however stated in an article released by Mr. Elufowoju Olarewaju earlier this morning that “although, those that have been paid to play a role tomorrow will have no choice every protect ends tomorrow on this issue”

However, they made several considerations that should be put in place: Firstly, they acknowledged the involvement of the Commissioner for Police and some “well-meaning Nigerians”

They also stated that they have no dealings with students and workers. “The present imbroglio is between few individuals who have constituted themselves as lords in the University community with a deliberate shortage of Ife’s within the system”

Finally, those who have reasons on campus should have their way into and outside the campus. Thus, allows the continuation of activities on Campus.


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