Abramovich Plans To Sell Chelsea, Identifies Reasons

The United Kingdom’s pressure on the Russian owner of Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovich, has finally pushed him into a position where he will have to sell the current UEFA Champions League winner into the hands of another person.

The United Kingdom has previously barred him from visiting the country despite the fact that he has a football club therein in England. Roman Abramovich has been with Chelsea football club for nearly two decades but he has now announced that he would be selling the club for the betterment of the fans and other people that have an interest in the top premier league football club.

The rich Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, purposefully said that the fact that he would be selling the club is not personal to him. He further stated that he would be selling off the club in order to suit the interest of the football club which includes but is not limited to the players, employees, coaches and sponsors all over the world.

In his speech, he clearly identifies the fact that the selling off of the UEFA Champions League winner will not be rushed as expected. Roman Abramovich said that he would follow the due procedures in selling off the club.

“The foundation will be for the benefit of all victims of the war in Ukraine. This includes providing critical funds towards the urgent and immediate needs of victims, as well as supporting the long-term work of recovery.” Roman Abramovich said to the press.

As he is about to conclude his speech, he promised everybody that Chelsea will be in his mind forever. ” Chelsea Football Club and its supporters will always be in my heart.”  Roman Abramovich concluded.


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