Great Ife Students’ Union Closes Down Buttery At Awolowo Hall Due To Unreasonable Increase In Price Of Commodities

In response to an unreasonable increase in the price of commodities on campus, the Great Ife Students’ Union has closed down the main buttery at Awolowo Hall of Residence.

At around 4 pm, on Sunday afternoon, Folakan Paul, the welfare officer of the Great Ife Students’ Union, went to one of the batteries at Awolowo Hall of Residence to warn the buttery owner against the unreasonable increase in the price of commodities.

The unreasonable increase in the price of commodities in this shop had earlier been reported to the union by several students residing in this Awo hall of residence, with sachet water sold for ₦40, even though, according to the welfare director, a bag is still being bought at the rate of ₦350 from the sachet water company.

The welfare officer, Folakan Paul, was challenged by a sales boy at the buttery, who questioned his authority to dictate to them the price they are to sell their commodities to their customers.

While this was on, the buttery owner, who was present, did not attempt to discuss it with the welfare director. 

According to students present at the scene, the woman’s price is unreasonably expensive and quite different from the market price.

Furthermore, the welfare officer was also informed about another buttery in the hall of residence at Annex Block D which also sells its commodities at high prices but was not opened today.