MBGOAU Taught Me Resilience And Determination- Queen Stella

Queen Stella Chisom,  a 300-level student from the department of quantity surveying, at Obafemi Awolowo University, during an interview, said MBGOAU taught her resilience and determination.

 Stella took the second runner-up position in the just concluded MGB OAU. In an interview session with her through an ACJ Correspondent reporter, Queen Stella said apart from resilience and determination, MBGOAU also taught her the importance of continuous improvement.

Interviewer: How has the journey of MBG been for you so far?

Stella: It’s been an exciting journey for me, filled with memorable experiences and opportunities to showcase your beauty and talent. 

I met new people, participated in events, and represented the state assigned to me with grace and charm. 

Though it was stressful and a whole lot competitive, I was able to enjoy every moment and embrace the unique experiences that came with it.

Interviewer: Did you regret joining the beauty contest?

Stella: Well, to me, regret is a complex emotion, and it’s natural to have moments of doubt or reflection, especially when I’m faced with challenges. 

However, participating in the contest provided me with valuable experiences and opportunities for personal growth. 

I was able to reflect on the positives and the lessons learned from the journey, and I’ll use them to shape my future endeavours.

Interviewer: How were you able to cope with MBG and your academics?

Stella: Trust me, it wasn’t an easy task.

Interviewer: Was there a point where you almost quit?

Stella: Honestly speaking, yes. However, it’s common for people participating in demanding competitions to face moments of doubt or difficulty, where they may consider quitting. 

I did encounter something like this in the contest process. It was a challenging time that required perseverance, encouragement and support from those around me. 

Overcoming such obstacles contributed to my personal growth and resilience. I’m so glad I didn’t quit.

Interviewer: Did you think you should have done some things better than you have done?

Stella: Reflecting on my journey…I identified areas where I could have improved or approached things differently. 

It’s natural to have moments of self-reflection and to recognize areas for growth. Whether in time management, communication skills, or any other aspect of my experience during the contest, acknowledging these areas for improvement can be valuable for my future endeavours and my personal development. 

I’ll use this knowledge as a learning opportunity to continue growing and striving for excellence.

Interviewer: What else can you say you have achieved apart from the position of the second runner-up?

Stella: Aside from being the second runner-up, I’ve achieved significant growth in my skills, knowledge, and experience. 

I’ve honed my abilities in various areas and expanded my network. Each experience, whether it’s winning or not, contributes to personal and professional development.

Interviewer: If you have the opportunity to contest again would you do so? And do you think you will do better than you have done now?

Stella: If allowed to compete again, I would certainly consider it. 

With each experience, I learn and grow, so I believe I could potentially perform even better than before. 

However, it would depend on various factors, including my current goals and circumstances at that time.

Interviewer: What has MBG OAU taught you?

Stella: MBGOAU has taught me valuable lessons about resilience, determination, and the importance of continuous improvement. 

It has shown me the significance of embracing both successes and setbacks as opportunities for growth. 

Additionally, I’ve learned the importance of collaboration, adaptability, and staying true to myself throughout the journey.

Interviewer: Wow! That was great. I admire you. Thank you so much Queen Stella for your time and the opportunity.

Stella: Thanks so much Mercy for having me.

Interviewer: You are welcome.


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