Is This The New Trend? OAU Lecturer Locks Students out

With the back breaking increase in fees, is this really the time to lock students out of the lecture room? 

In the early hours of 11th December, 2023, some part three students offering the Yoruba course, YOR 313, were locked out of the lecture room, AUD 2, by the lecturer because they were five minutes late.

The Lecturer, in person of Dr. Akinwunmi, denied the late students access to the lecture room, despite their pleas, leaving students hanging around the lecture room.

The questions on student’s lips remain, “is this how we’ll stand for two hours without attending the class? Will our 76k go to waste this beautiful morning? Won’t he even consider students that stay in distant parts of the town? Does he not have a happy home?”

Are lecturers transferring aggression to the students? During the last class, the said lecturer came late to class and spent just a few minutes before exiting the room. To make things worse, he came outside and instructed them to move away from the lecture room. As at 8:10, he allowed the students into the class.

What’s really happening with OAU lecturer? Just last week, a lecturer scolded two students for exchanging pleasantries. Few weeks ago, it was reported that an angry lecturer rough handled an innocent student. Is this really the new trend despite the increase in fees??


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