5 Irresistible Italian Dishes You Must Try Now

Italy is a country with a rich history of art, architecture, and music. In addition to having a rich cultural heritage, Italy is popular around the globe and appreciated for its tasty dishes that seem to never cease.

What initially comes to mind when you think of Italian dishes? Pizza and pasta? There far more on the menu than we can exhaust. From traditional seasonal treats to regional specialties. Let’s explore, from Risotto Alla Milanese to Baccalà and many more.


Risotto Alla Milanese

Risotto Alla Milanese popular dishes Milan Italy globe world earth restaurant irresistible to try

A classical rice-based dish born centuries ago in Milan, from which it derives its name. Its bright yellow colour makes it standout, courtesy of a few strands of saffron that give this dish a heady aroma. It is creamy and rich in cheese; it is made with white wine, parmesan cheese, onions, saffron, and butter.



Baccalà popular Italian dishes foods Italy restaurants globe earth world serve

A name given to a salted dried cod. This dish is popular during Christmas. Soaked, the salt is washed off the cod before cooking, leaving the flavour mild and ready to take on any spice.



Canederlli food popular dishes in Italian restaurant world globe

A dumpling made from stale bread, milk, eggs, flour, and speck (smoked pork belly). It can be served with gravy, stew, or with grated cheese and butter melted over top.


Fristo Misto

Fristo Misto Italian popular foods dishes in restaurants

Literally translates as fried mix. It varies from region to region and which season. Coastline areas, seafood is abundant. Mollusks, tiny fish and crustaceans are lightly floured, deep-fried, and served as crispy snacks. For a complete dish, sprinkle a little salt and add a squeeze of lemon juice.

In regions away from the sea, the ingredients may include vegetables, ravioli, meat, olives, and cheese.



Italian dishes foods restaurant popular Arancini

This is a rice mound stuffed with ingredients such as peas, meat, cheese, or capers, coated in bread crumbs, and deep-fried that gives it a crunchy orange back.


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