Grow while you wait!

The Waiting Period is the stage where intelligence is measured. You don’t know, right?

Most people don’t know that this stage calls on them to harness every possible potential in them.

We can also call this stage EXPERIMENTATION STAGE. You have to learn, unlearn and relearn. Here, common sense requires you to learn skills during this period so that when you get to the field, it won’t be difficult to proffer solutions to likely problems.

As human beings, our waiting periods differ. For some, it reflects in their teens. Others, it appears in their twenties while for the rest of us, it surfaces maybe when God says.

One thing is certain and that is, that you’ll know when you’re in your experimentation stage.

Please make reasonable use of this period.

đź’¦Federal Government vs ASSUU

The popular African proverb states: “when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”. By implication, the two elephants are the Nigerian Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities. Apparently, the grass points to the students, who bear the consequence of delay in their academic pursuits. Yes, students decided to stage peaceful protests in some designated areas like Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan and Ife to mention a few. Still, students are in their homes awaiting resumption. Till when?

đź’¦Grow While you Wait

Remember: The Waiting Period is the stage intelligence is measured.

Students are earnestly waiting for ASUU to call off the strike. This period is like 2020 when Covid-19 gave almost everyone house arrest. The aftermath of that period birthed a rethink. Some made use of their TIME and SMART phones while some remained the same. This ASUU strike is another call to GROW.

It is not just called a smartphone.




R–Realistic and


Within this time constraint, be SMART with your smartphone.

Learn, unlearn and relearn. No knowledge is a waste!

One of the easiest means of getting great jobs today is via google. Just search for sites of skills that interest you and you’ll be certified at the end of your course.

Grow while you wait


Do not add to the problem of this country, rather, learn to grow out of your comfort zone and be a solution.









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