Phone calls over messages

You want an information to be disseminated at a very fast rate? Put a phone call to all intended receivers. Yes! sending messages may be easier or seem faster busy how many people will check the messages immediately. Phone calls attracts immediate attention of the individual being called and it also prompts immediate feedback. Glaring, phone calls makes information effective. There are very rare cases of people that wakes up from sleep at midnight to read messages as they are sent instantaneously but 80 percentage of people will wake up to receive a phone call due to the repeated ringing of the phone.

Phone calls gives room for the caller to give detailed explanations of information to the receiver as it also aids the receiver to analyze the message received, identify the tone and stress on certain words, this is not so with messages, one can read different meanings to the text messages. Text messages can be translated wrongly, for instance, an employee sends a text message across to his boss that states “Good day sir. This is just to inform you that I will not be able to make it to the office today due to a sudden feeling of sickness I had this morning.” The boss may read the text message with an arrogant tone or the message may sound as a lame excuse for not coming to work. If the employee had just called the boss directly to explain the situation of things to him, the boss would not just feel honored but might also deduce signs of sickness from the voice leaving him with no other option than to consider the employee’s request.

Phone calls can be used to show care and pass a message of responsibility. Anyone can easily pick to the phone to text “Hi” to everyone one in the contact list but only some set of people will take time out of their busy day to stop whatever they are involved in just to hear your voice over the phone.

Most of the times, it’s difficult to be current on the new communication methods and who is familiar with different technologies instead of having that complicated conversation life can be made more simpler by picking up the phone.

Phone calls are recommended when it comes to passing sensitive or personal information, it eliminates misinterpretation of information and ensures that the message is delivered only to intended person. On the other hand, text messages can get into the hands of unauthorized people.

With the aid of bluetooth technology, calls can be received while driving, however texting is illegal while one behind the steering and can lead to accidents.

To cap it up, phone calls consumes less time, creates stronger bonds than text- based communication, makes information more relevant and effective.


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