Special Report: Death of An OAU Student, What We Know So Far!


­On Friday 7, January 2022, the Ibadan, Oyo State based radio station, Agidigbo F.M founder, Oriyomi Hamzat revealed in a video posted on his Instagram page, in connection to the Hilton Hotels case, a CCTV footage recovered from the CCTV camera installed in the hotel. He disclosed that the recovered footage showed how Dr. Rahmon Adedoyin, his aide, Moshood and his son and hotel managing director, Raheem carried out the act.

The deceased, Mr Adegoke Timothy Oludare, 37, an O. A. U master’s student who reportedly checked into the hotel, which is now shut down, on 5 November, 2021 was declared missing on 6 November when no family member could contact him and he was absent from the examination hall.

According to Oriyomi Hamzat, the suspects ” entered his room at 12 midnight. We have seen the CCTV but the police have taken them away. It revealed that they entered by 12:00 am. Who are the suspects that killed Timothy? Moshood who is like a personal aide to Adedoyin and an accomplice was involved as CCTV showed he entered, then Adedoyin entered, and Raheem, the son of Adedoyin and managing director of the hotel entered. ” After some minutes, we saw that they went out of the room. As they went out, they wrapped Timothy’s corpse with a hotel duvet, and tighten it with a rope. They put it in a big carton and tighten it again with a rope. They put his body in the boot of a car and drove out.”

Dr. Adedoyin Rahmon, on 15 November, 2021, was arrested and was announced by the Pain State Police on 17 November, 2021, although his son still remains at large. The remains of the victim were exhumed in a forest along Ede/Ife Road by the police. An autopsy, on November 22, was conducted by six experts and three pathologists. The four-hour autopsy took place at Osun State Teaching Hospital, Department of Morbid Anatomy. All sides present, including the deceased family, their lawyers as well as the Adedoyin and the police. Two autopsy reports were presented. The first, which was presented to the police and a copy to the Osun State Police and a second coming later. The former states that the cause of death could not be medically determined due to advanced stage of decomposition of the body while the latter attributes the cause of death to a ” severe trauma. ” The phrase became a bone of contention, although both reports agree that the internal and external organs were complete, untouched and in their normal position.

December 2021, the court moderated by Justice Inyang Ekwo denied Dr. Rahmon Adedoyin bail which he prayed in the ex parte motion filed along with fundamental human right enforcement suit pending the conclusion of the investigation by the police. The Justice directed the Inspector General of Police (I. G. P), Usman Alkali Baba to grant Dr. Rahmon Adedoyin access to medical care of his choice still in detention. The Justice adjourned the case till January 21, 2021.

The Oduduwa University Ipetumodu Alumni Association, in November, debunked rumours. Mr Olatunji Quadri Olayinka, the national president said, ” the sad event which is currently under investigation did not happen in Oduduwa University premises!  ” It became a surprise as town peddlers of substandard news would drag the name of the school into the mix. While Oduduwa University Ipetumodu ( O. U. I ) is one of the many businesses established by the owner of Hilton Hotels, Chief Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin, the university is operated and administered under a qualified Senate Committee and Governing Council who are seasoned professionals in their areas of expertise.” He further clarified.


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